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OVD X Antoine Tempé

Cinema is the form of art that is the most universal, as it transcends all barriers, be they geographic, cultural, or racial. Great movies of the past, as well as most recent ones, feature iconic scenes that have tremendously influenced pop cultures of very different societies. African major cities weren’t left out. A hotel is a crossroads in which cultures and origins from around the world co-exist and merge in a permanent cycle of reinventions and reinterpretations. That is the essence of this project. The artists wanted to celebrate the magic of a good movie, the way it allows the viewer to relate to a plot, an actor, regardless of their origins and where the story happens. The series comprises 20 photographs inspired by iconic moments of great American and French movies, with a cast featuring a representative sample of the cultural scene in Dakar and Abidjan, where these images were shot.

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